Team as a Service
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We will build Your team
New project – new approach

A new project is on the horizon, and you have a choice who you will entrust it to. You can hand it over to a software house, hire people or try out a new solution - a team alternative to outsourcing specialists - Team as a Service.

We will create a team for you from our specialists and C_schoolers, i.e. developers prepared by us at C_school.

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Acquiring specialists
The team is built from our resources

Almost everyone who talks to us is surprised by how we get so many good specialists ready to work in our Team as a Service and IT Specialists Outsourcing models when there’s a deficit on the market. The answer is simple: in addition to the 550 IT Experts working for us, we constantly educate and train other programmers ourselves.

We've created application tests and games that allow us to assess the motivation, potential and logical thinking skills of candidates on a 10-point scale. This is how we find talents whose competences we are able to grow in C_school and quickly raise them to the level sought by companies.

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The moment of truth and C_school

The first month with us is a moment of truth, we call it the "pool". We want everyone who wants to work with us to be sure that this is the direction they want to take. 70% of applicants do not go further, but thanks to this we work only with those who have the right mindset to be the best in their field. The next 6-9 months are a constant investment in the development of their competences - all costs covered by us.

The C_school program we created is aimed at preparing and selecting candidates to be our full-fledged programmers who will work, among others, in the Team as a Service model. They only join the teams if they have achieved the level of technological skills approved by our technical leader, and their soft skills allow for efficient work in teams.

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Building the team
Choosing the right specialists for your project

When you come to us and say, "I need a team," we'll be ready. We will select a team for you from our specialists and programmers prepared in C_school - that is C_schoolers. If it is necessary to extend the competences for the needs of your project, we take it on, it is our specialty.

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The rules are simple
The rules are simple

We determine what needs to be the result of our work and estimate the duration of iterations. Based on this, we create a team tailored to the project’s needs, we select a team leader and a project manager who will watch over the project tasks.

The works are divided into 2-weeks-long sprints, each of them having a specific scope and goals to achieve. The client has full insight into the course of the project thanks to the C_cloud application and pays only for hours translating into products in a given iteration.

If working with software houses and HR is behind you, it’s time to try Team as a Service.

Team as a Service solves problems that the other options failed at:

  • independent employment of specialists - time-consuming, a lot of formalities, high costs, high risk of the programmer leaving;
  • external software house - higher costs, low flexibility, high risk of delay.
Your team, completing your project.

It will be managed by a team leader and a project manager from Connectis, so this cooperation model will not burden your company like a typical team-leasing. You don't have to worry about management, location, infrastructure - we can solve everything that can be a limitation on our own. Thanks to this, you can focus on the results and not on project-related issues.

Warsaw Office
Ready on time

For IBM, we have build a team of developers in 22 days, for IKEA - in 16 days, when the alternative was the over 60-days-long recruitment process.


By working with us in the Team as a Service model, you can freely change the scope of work without having to renegotiate the terms of our agreement again. You also have project costs under control all the time.

Verified skills

Our specialists have proven themselves in the projects for giants, such as IKEA, BMW, PKO BP. During each year we review thousands of applications and only choose 2% of the candidates for C_school in which we invest to become our programmers. This is why we can say that we build the best teams.

Team as a Service
is already used by



Our teams support IKEA in 10 locations in Poland as well as in 6 other locations around Europe.

EO Networks


EO Networks

Especially for EO Networks we have trained Developers in rare technologies. The team has been implemented in 3 months and currently supports EO Networks in 5 locations in Poland.

European Railways


European Railways

Our team build a dedicated ticket selling system based on the existing European Railways’ infrastructure. The project was completed within a tight deadline by a team of experts in rare technologies.

Big Family Card


Big Family Card

We have built a team that supported the main contractor while building a system for managing the Big Family Card. Thanks to our specialists, the project was completed in 6 months.

Education Services Company


Education Services Company

Our team has created a complete system for managing our Client’s educational institution data. The software helped our Client enter the market quickly.




Our specialists provide ongoing support when it comes to developing the online banking and mobile banking systems as well as in-house management systems for the Bank. The team consists of analysts, developers, designers as well as administrators and testers.




Our Clients is providing software for one of the biggest plane production groups. Our teams support the development of this software using .NET technology and the management of projects.

C_cloud – clear insight into the project

We know that you will be responsible for the project and its results. Therefore, in addition to specialists, we provide you with an application that will facilitate monitoring (real-time insight into the progress of work), accounting based on the report, and even allow you to efficiently scale the team with more Connectis developers.

Dozens of teams scale with us
Hire specialists in days, not months

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