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we only invest in the 3%  of the best candidates

According to Europe’s Digital Progress Report, 10 jobs are waiting for one developer in Europe.

There’s 825,000 programmers missing. Well-established patterns of recruitment do not work in such conditions. Our solutions - Team as a Service and IT Specialists Outsourcing - are not the effect of the recent brainstorming, because the problem has appeared "now". They result from the experience of assesing this situation many years ago.

An IT client. Complex project. Niche technologies, fast scaling. There is a shortage of programmers to implement it. Sounds familiar? We took a chance and prepared a team of developers ourselves, choosing people with potential, investing in them and matching their competences to specific needs. It was the C_school prototype, which today is an integral part of Connectis.

Our idea is simple: having over 550 experts and graduates of C_school, we are not looking for developers where there aren’t any. We find promising programmers, train them intensively, prepare and implement them to work on large projects, test their competences internally, and when we see that they are ready, they become Connectis developers, C_schoolers who can efficiently complete tasks under our cooperation models.

Connectis klienci Connectis klienci

Our clients use the Connectis method of problem solving at the intersection of project management, programming and team building. They appreciate the fact that it works not only for the benefit of their business, but allows them to support talented programmers entering the market.

If a young person dreaming of international programming projects heard someone from the industry say "I believe in you and want to invest in you", it would unleash their potential. When we find talent, we see everyday how this appreciation of potential affects people, frees up energy, allows us to build competence and translates into incredible commitment to projects.

You have to decide how the team will be completed for your next project. You can check our solutions in action, like IKEA, BMW and PKO.

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Satisfaction with completed projects and the satisfaction of our customers are the best rewards. But we are also very happy about these awards, especially when the IT industry appreciates our solutions.