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Being the guardian of the island sounds fun, but...
...does not give satisfaction. Everyday, splitting coconuts is a bit like getting stuck in maintaining a project, with no chance of development. If you are looking for a job in which you have a real impact, more and more new goals, in which you don’t get stuck, and in which your participation "makes a difference", Connectis is a good place for you.

We understand technology and that is why we are your career manager.
We have more than 550 IT Experts on board

550 IT Experts. What makes them feel satisfied every day? That they work with us in a different model than in other technology companies.

It is not the project that "comes on board", but we "go to the client's board" to implement the project. Sometimes alone (IT Specialists Outsourcing), and sometimes as a whole team (Team as a Service). In addition, according to the Connectis method, you can undertake a special mission at C_school and, as our senior developer, test yourself as a trainer for other talented programmers.

Ania, Senior Java Developer

“I’ve been working at Connectis for over 3 years. I have never felt this appreciated at any company before. I can have my own ideas and follow my dreams. When you come into Connectis, you can sense that they really care for their employees”

Marek, Senior Fullstack Developer

“This is the only company, where my needs are put before my code. A year ago, I felt completely burnt out, I needed something more. Connectis offered me the role of a C_school Instructor and I feel so excited about this job!”

Krzysztof, Java Developer

“What struck me the most are the people. They are all experts and I’ve learnt so much from my team. Besides that, there’s no stupid ideas. At Connectis, I feel that my ideas are valuable”

Maciej, C_school Instructor

“I teach Java at C_school. I think that I’ve always wanted more and that’s what I’m doing at C_school. When working with the students, you can sense their motivation and it really gives me satisfaction to watch them learn and grow.”

Kamil, IT & Project Delivery Director

“At Connectis, I learned how to work remotely and how to manage remote teams. Here I reach a senior level of my career. What helped me the most, was the trust of my team and my supervisors. I knew that I can make mistakes and learn from them.”

Damian, IT Infrastructure Manager

“I just like working at Connectis. Plain and simple. We are all like a big family and you can always count on your team. I think it’s the people that define a company and I love my Connectis team.”

Patryk, Frontend Developer

“I’ve learnt how to build applications that are not only functional from the user’s perspective but also have great business value. Connectis opened me up to a new point of view that I didn’t previously consider.”

Robert, .NET Developer

“I work on what I’m interested in. Working for different Connectis clients helped me to try out new things and discover different industries. I really like that they take into account whether I’m actually interested in a certain project or not. I don’t have to work on something that doesn’t excite me.”

Marta, Automatic Tester

“At Connectis, everything is very clear. I don’t feel like I’m being lied to and I am always in the loop. The whole team communicates openly and no one has ever spread false information on purpose. I believe that it’s transparent communication that’s the most important in our job.”

Ola, Frontend Developer

“I like working here, because I feel at home. I don’t have to sit at a desk all day, I can work in our C_cafe. I can come to work dressed the way I want. Connectis appreciates the work I do without focusing on how or where I do it. I am in charge of managing my own time and tasks. ”

We asked programmers what makes them leave a job...

They pointed out that this is not about money, but about ... being stuck. When the project goes into maintenance mode, they perform work below their qualifications. In a typical technology company this is a difficult problem to solve due to the structure, but it doesn't happen with us because we operate in a different model. At Connectis, you can run a project as a team leader, product owner or project manager, and you can also be a trainer at C_school.

C_school is an important part of Connectis - this is our program for training developers in which, if you wish, you will have your share. Effective project implementation gives satisfaction, but giving someone the power to create, educating a good programmer - is like getting Mount Everest.

It is also important that our services - IT Specialist Outsourcing and Team as a Service - do not close the client's project within the walls of our company, and make us "go out to him". Your role is always tailored to your competences so that you can grow and advance in your career.

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Choose the right path for your career

Which role do you see yourself in? Do you prefer to go on missions as an IT specialist or a member of the C_team or do you want to help new developers reach a higher level? We will gladly talk to you about it.

There’s something for everybody

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