Our mission is simple - we stimulate and develop the potential of people and companies.

Thanks to our past projects projects, we prepare programmers to solve the biggest challenges our business partners face all around the world.

Our technology centers ensure cooperation with technology leaders, and initiatives such as C_school guarantee financial support and mentoring to hundreds of new developers every month. This way, we create a new generations of teams, unique on a regional scale.

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The Connectis method

The Connectis method positively affects the lives of talented people who, thanks to the development of their technological competences, strengthen the surrounding environment. We introduce them to the world of IT and develop their careers. We create a unique community, which allows us to exchange experiences and knowledge in the network of hundreds of IT specialists, creating conditions for people to grow and utilize their potential.

By combining the goals and needs of our partners with the competences and aspirations of our specialists - we build excellent teams of the future. For developers, this means career growth and satisfaction. For customers - certainty, quality and efficiency in project development, i.e. business success.

We build dedicated IT teams, because we trust in our Developer’s potential

Success always starts with the right people in the right place. We give the opportunity to start working in the IT industry to people who have the potential to become great programmers. We quickly teach technologies used on the market, and we also enable you to gain two years of experience in projects.

Changing the world is not a one-man job, and so is completing IT projects

In both of our services models, IT Specialist Outsourcing and Team as a Service, we focus on joining forces - success depends on the team. When technical skills and soft competences are backed up by the right attitude, the transition from chaos to harmony in the project runs smoothly and quickly.

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Growth means changing your habits

We have the strength and courage to do it every day. And we have been doing it for over 15 years. If you are looking for new solutions, you value the business energy that drives growth.


We set goals not to have them in mind, but to achieve them. When our developers start working on your project, they become your team focused on the tasks you have set.


We make sure that work at Connectis cultivates passion for programming and the sense of purpose. Dose of satisfaction is crucial. Skills and commitment become real-life results.