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Работаешь в IT? Подай заявку сегодня и начни работать с нами в Польше (возможна гибридная модель работы). Работай для европейских брендов и над проектами, которые тебе действительно интересны. Присоединяйся к команде Connectis_Developers!

Познакомьтесь с нашим предложением

Connectis_ stands for over 20 years of experience in European IT markets. We are looking for IT specialists across a number of areas: Backend, Frontend, Fullstack, Testers, UX/ UI Specialists, Project Managers, and many more. We work for prestigious, international companies.

 If you have experience in the IT industry, your verbal and written communication skills in English are at a B2/ C1 level (min. requirement), and you’re fluent in technologies such as Java, JavaScript, C #, PHP, Python, NodeJS, RoR, Angular, React, Vue, C ++, then this offer is for you.

You can make between USD 4,000 to USD 10,000 per month with us.

We conduct our recruitment process quickly and remotely. Buddy support is provided on an individual basis.

We will help you deal with all the formalities related to starting work in Poland, we’ll provide relocation support, and we’ll help you grow.

Присоединяйся к нам

Fill out the form below, send your CV in English, and become a member of one of our fantastic C_dev teams. We’ll find an interesting project for you to work on.

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    Компания Connectis_

    Our mission is to help people and companies grow – we do this by building Developer teams today and investing in the Leaders of tomorrow. Connectis_ stands for over 20 years of experience in the industry, 350 IT specialists, and thousands of delivered projects.
    According to Europe’s Digital Progress Report, there are 10 vacancies waiting for each developer in Europe. There are over 800,000 developers missing from the European market. Traditional recruitment policies simply do not work in this landscape. Our solutions – Team as a Service and IT Specialist Outsourcing – stem from us dealing with such a situation for quite some time.
    Within our community we run programs and events designed to promote learning, build relationships, and create a fun place to grow. Start working on exciting projects, enjoy a stable workplace, and earn as much as you really ought to.

    Проекты для ведущих брендов